Happy Saturday

Hi all,

…Who at this stage is just me.

Still too scared to create a new facebook page to advertise this though? How many people do I really think will read this? Ever? I have to believe that things will change. That I will gain confidence, that my writing will always improve and one day sell. I have to because why else would I do it? hmmm Maybe just cause I have to, just because it is an energy and a passion that rises up inside me and I just have to get it out. Purging, poetic catharsis, a continual effusing of mental magma that stills my mind – preventing me from  having that devastating eruption, that is ever lurking in the subconscious.

Oh I cant wait for that day though, when the pressure is so high that it becomes inevitable that I will blow!!! Kaboom! What a pretty sight it will be…the walls of my life painted with the red raw artistry.

I had a good day yesterday, reworking some sections of my book and I really must get back to it today before I head out to work.

Currently listening to the soundtrack to ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ – possibly one of the best tracks to write to, just magical, I’m not sure how it works really, but I find it inspires the mind without ever distracting, and the main theme threads through almost every song on the score without ever becoming repetitive. Alexandre Desplat is truly a magician of musical tonality.

And while we are on the topic of Genius’s here is my quote for the day from a man who spans the gap between science and spirituality without effort or conceit. Beautiful Mr. Carl Sagan

Happy Saturday everyone and happy Australia day to those back home!

Long live science and magic!