It’s Not Just Easy Being Green, It’s Better

Just to prove that I’m not just pretending to get all inspired about gardening, the other night we made our first meal from foraging. Nasturtium Pesto!

Who would have thought that an overgrown weed could be so delicious. Mixed it with walnuts and the regular pesto ingredients and voila!


I feel like a real human, fossicking for food on the hillside. Well, actually to be fair, the man went out in the cold and the dark to do the picking of the weeds, but still…I ate them.

Nasturtium Pesto

Speaking of greens, the whole point of getting into the garden, is to try and find a way to support our reckless addiction to green smoothies.

I can’t recommend it more, I have them for breakfast almost everyday. (Almost…lets face it…sometimes eggs win.)

Today, I have in my breakfast right here, kale, celery, banana, kiwifruit, spirulina, flax seeds, blueberries, 1/2 a cup of organic apple juice and water.

We have been doing this for over 6 months now, and I totally notice the general all rounded improvement of my health and energy. Sometimes I even forget to have a coffee cause I’m not craving that pick me up.

Speaking of which it is definitely time for coffee!!!


Food is the Solution

Easter weekend was great, but 3 days of eating bad food has left me feeling very slow and clunky.

Time to turn it all around!

All I can think about is cooking dinner tonight and how great that is going to make me feel.

A colleague of mine showed me this link just now;

I am so thoroughly inspired to put in some effort to make my limp, sparse garden produce some real food. My problem is that we have only got a little patch of ground that is safe from the wind and it doesn’t get much sun, so I think; ‘well, I can’t grow a full on garden at this house, I’ll just have to wait till I move somewhere better.’

But NO! I can grow my garden anywhere. There are plenty of places around Wellington that are just wasted land where I could set up a guerrilla garden. There are so many hillsides that are just crying to have some food brewing on their lovely sunny slopes.

In my book, I am constantly dealing with issues surrounding the destruction of planetary ecosystems through the neglect and selfish ignorance of the species that inhabits it. The truth is, that we aren’t in any danger of destroying our planet, just ourselves. The planet is a big chunk of rock that could be destroyed by some phenomenal cosmic event, but really, it’s pretty safe from us and our lame inability to recycle. What we really have to worry about is abusing our natural resources to the extent that a that we kill off a large portion of the diversity in the natural world and by extension, kill off ourselves. So while this is a hugely important part of the message in my books, so is the actual act of trying to reverse that. Rather than writing a story that simply warns the reader of the dangers of abusing our planet, I want to show the actions of a few, trying to overcome that danger.

I have really noticed a change in peoples mindset  in the last couple of years. Instead of people merely complaining about the destruction of seas and rainforests and such, people are making a concerted effort to find solutions. This guy, is just one guy doing his bit to bring an idea of sustainability to the people of his community. Interestingly though,  social media is now making it easier for people all around the world to feel that the ideas of the few are connected to the actions of the many. It is now more feasible than ever, that a thought I have about being positive and proactive and trying to make a difference can be felt from anywhere else across the globe.

Thoughts are really physical and tangible elements of our life that can completely influence the actions of others.

It all starts with a seed.

So now, I’m going to go chop some veggies for dinner.

Peace xo