Hmm yes, new blog good blog

This is very better… yes, i could actually be moderately productive. Maybe I’ll blog more than once a month if I don’t have to stomach the bothersome, loathsome process that is navigating my archaic host site.

So, news for today? I just had sushi!

I would say that is one of the greatest victories I could hope for in a day.

Working on what is officially titled draft 5, although its more like draft 8. I’m up to chapter 30 out of 43, sitting somewhere around 70,000 out of 97,000 and although this draft started out as being a project of elimination where I would cut out unnecessary sections and tidy up any lose threads, it has become instead a processof reducing needless adjectives. Sadly, (Yes I know that is an adjective) this process is one that increases my word count so I have slowly gained a few thousand words.

I feel like the person who starts going to the gym and then uses this achievement to justify increasing her ice-cream consumption. (Yes, even though Wellington is much colder than Sydney, I find that ice-cream is an ever increasing trend in my diet. But Kapiti…oh Kapiti, why is your boysenberry and vanilla ever so creamy?!)

In addition to this reduction-expansion approach to my 5th draft, I’m also going to try and punch some more energy into my intro and climax sequences. Lord help me stay under 100,000 words because I just don’t want to chop those sections that are already swimming with comment flags and question marks.

Hold on brave sections, don’t die yet. Not till I’m sure I have something better to replace you with.


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