Sometimes, I like to just write whatever comes to mind, free association writing etc. Let the words fall from my fingers like the desperate snatching drop of a glass across my floor…not dainty like sand, nor thoughtful like water, just a big messy screaming smash! Followed by whatever profanity I deem worthy of the episode, (this usually depends on how precious  the cargo spent was…wine for example, delivers much more fury than water).

The smash, the splatter? The faint pitter patter of ideas across my flickering ancient screen.

So often I think I need a new laptop. Is this simply because it is over 5 years old and therefore pretty much of no modern commercial use, except maybe as a giant, white, apple-endorsed coaster?

Resting upon it my glass of wine which I will no doubt smash off that slippery surface.

Or do I want to replace my laptop because I fear its imminent death and thereby, the loss of all my most precious files? Or, do I simply feel this need to upgrade to keep up with peers. I see someone with a new flash laptop, with the latest operating system and fancy new functions and I think “gees mine is so old, I need a new one.” – even though my friend’s new one will no doubt be redundant within 18 months anyhow.

Or, maybe I just hate this flickering screen!

My mother had a food blender that she kept for over twenty years because it was a wedding gift. I would be surprised if any mechanical device built these days could last that long, even if they were not being used. Electrical appliances produced these days have some sort of built in micro chip that makes them self destruct not long after purchase has occurred. I am certain of it…computers in everything…watching me, waiting for me to…

Oh boy…I’m so hungry. What do you know? Dinner is ready. Ahhh veggie lasagne…CHEESE.

2 thoughts on “Friday

  1. But it is still alive…it’s like having a really old dog. You look at people with young dogs and think…’If only I could just get an upgrade.’ I can’t just get a new dog without waiting for the old one to die? Or can I?…there’s a thought. Maybe I could have 2 laptops! Then I’d be super cool.

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