Podcast Joy

So it has been a while since I posted,

I am still getting my head around this blog and what the whole process can do for me. I have been looking at an excellent blog:

Welcome To The Creative Penn

By Joanna Penn.

There is a wealth of information on there with some great tips for new writers. It is great to hear other peoples stories about how they got to where they are and importantly the mistakes they make.

There are some great podcasts on there too of interviews she has done with other writers and people in the industry.

I find myself thinking that this is something I will be doing one day, interviewing people about their books etc. and immersing myself in the industry. However, I know how far away this is. I need to keep writing and writing and reading and researching and then, when I feel ready…I will be able to launch myself in to the public sphere and call myself a real author.

I also got a great idea from her blog, and have come up with an idea for writing a series of short stories linked to my main novel and put them up on my blog page. I can start building my world and bringing it into the public domain.

I can’t wait.

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