Light bulb moment

This morning I experienced my very first ever literal light bulb idea moment. I was dreaming about something completely different and then I saw in my mind that there was a light on in a room that was somehow through the wall of my bedroom. A big rose coloured globe. I thought to myself, “Is that a light that has been left on? Or is that part of the plot?”… I awoke immediately at this point with a brilliant plot saving idea for a part of my story that had been bothering me.
So impressed with the light bulb incident, I recorded it on Dave’s speech to text iPhone note taking app.  This cryptic message is what I magically recorded. Though it bears NO relevance nor resemblance to what I actually said…you bet I will be gleaning it for some deep special truths and radical subconscious ideas. ‘Grinstead’ for example…what an excellent name for a town! Oh wait…it is a town. Well, what a great location for some secret happening to occur!
And what about Testigo? What could it mean? Look out in the book for some amazing character called Testigo. Seafield Pizza Hut? Well that is just obvious isn’t it? That is precisely where Fahad times 10 occurs!

– I woke up this morning I had a dream that the weather light on and playing my dream iPhone is that not just Commodore is part of the plots 20 to 10 of an hour And I thought I see change Testigo to this planet to train with another Sea fair and that Seafield Pizza Hut Sheals he’s alright if you will from the enemy and Internet training Hills Haselen brings change it turn on and off a lot iwith his power Grinsted creates Fahad times 10 –

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